Strong Writing Skills Lead to a Better Life

The pen is truly mightier than the sword! You want your child to wield it well. Some people assume that a strong command of spelling, grammar, and punctuation are less important today than in the past. The opposite is true. Email has come to dominate modern communication. Spell check can do little to correct poor grammar, and meanings will often change inadvertently if the user lacks a solid grasp of spelling.

Many job applications for entry level positions are rejected based on nothing more than spelling and grammatical errors in the opening email. The applicants never get a chance. You don’t want your child’s opportunities in life to be limited because of limited writing skills. A mastery of Writing is essential to your child’s future success. The Learning Path provides excellent writing tutoring services in Santa Monica and Mar Vista.

The Learning Path Fosters Strong Writing Skills

The Learning Path starts teaching children how to write from the very first day they enroll, even if it’s little more than learning how to correctly hold a pencil and form letters. As a student progresses, we teach them how to spell, to form a sentence, to punctuate, to write paragraphs, and eventually to write essays. Should you have a special interest in your child advancing in writing, The Learning Path can tailor very individualized writing tutor programs that include learning cursive and constructively critiquing their essays.

The Lost Benefits of Cursive

Learning to write in cursive from a young age has many benefits. These include far better spelling and penmanship. The Learning Path has tutored students as young as four to write in cursive well. A mastery of cursive leads to better spelling, less confusion between b/d and p/q, and vastly improved penmanship. By the time cursive is taught in California schools, typically in Grade 3, it is often too late to achieve many of these benefits.

Writing Well – An Advantage for College & Beyond

The founder of The Learning Path, Dr. Andrew Mitchell, has personally witnessed the general lack of writing skills among even the best of high school graduates in southern California. Many Undergraduate students cannot write sufficiently well when they enter University. Having taught at UCLA, the London School of Economics, and the University of NSW, Dr. Mitchell saw that many if not most Undergraduates lacked the basic essay writing skills necessary for success in College. As a result, he often had to focus on teaching first year Undergraduates how to write an essay, i.e. provide a structured and intelligible answer to the question backed by sufficient and appropriate evidence for the argument. The sooner a student learns these skills, the sooner they can succeed. They are the same skills needed to express oneself well and obtain influence. The Learning Path has an unparalleled ability to tutor writing as its founder is a professional and award winning academic writer himself.

Writing is Power

Writing well leads to influence, and influence is power. Dr. Andrew Mitchell, the founder of The Learning Path, wrote a PhD that is held in the library of the London School of Economics, and published articles and a book chapter that stem from that PhD. These writings have directly influenced the thoughts of various people – possibly including recent articles in The Economist on the plight of Argentina. The Learning Path can not only teach, it can also do. The Learning Path wants our children to positively influence the world, and wielding a pen or a keyboard is the surest way to do so. If we don’t teach our children the basics of writing, we deprive them of future influence and potential. Let The Learning Path structure a Writing program that will tutor your child in writing, and put them on a path of making future waves.