School Homework will be Easy

Does your child love doing their homework at home? Or does your child resist it, extending the time well past what is necessary?

Arguments over homework can lead to soul searching amongst parents. Some worry they are being too hard on their children if they push them, the Tiger Mom or Dad. Others worry that they are allowing their children to fall behind, and that this may lead to larger issues for their children down the road. We can completely resolve these issues and give your family peace of mind.

Most parents struggle to get their children to complete their homework at some point. This is not related to a child’s intelligence. We’ve seen children of all abilities fight against the routine of performing daily homework tasks. Often the difficulty is as much in your child’s study skills as it is in the material itself.

To alleviate the daily burden of school homework, we have created an optional extra program of unlimited school homework help from 5 PM to 7 PM from Mondays to Thursdays. Students in this program can attend up to eight hours per week, in addition to their class time for our regular course, for the low monthly price of $200.

Our first priority is always the individualized lesson plan(s) that we have created for our students, but the school homework help plan is a fantastic option for students who live locally and have difficulty getting their work done at home. Homework help is provided by our excellent tutors, who will work to ensure your child understands and completes their work. This can possibly eliminate the struggle of doing homework at home altogether.

Please note that this program is only available from 5-7 PM from Monday to Thursday, is an optional extra, and is only available to students who are performing reasonably close to grade level. For those students who are years behind grade level, it is more effective for us to focus on our individualized lesson plans than on their school homework.

Students who do not opt for the School Homework Help plan can still bring in their already completed school homework, and ask for help with specific problems.


Flexible Programs

As for our own materials and lesson plans, it is up to you to let us know if you’d like your child to have extra homework from us, and in what form you’d like it. The Learning Path is happy to recommend what is best. For instance many older students choose to have homework from us on the computer. Computer based homework from The Learning Path has many benefits. It provides immediate feedback to the student, requires no grading by the parents, and is immediately reported back to The Learning Path. Alternatively we can provide paper based homework that emphasizes writing skills or practice with arithmetic. Let us know your needs and we will advise you how best to fulfill them.

Students who opt for our School Homework Plan will also be free to complete their homework from us at the center. In this way your child could attend up to 11 hours per week and always have an academic challenge.