Creating a Virtuous Cycle

Many young students experience the unsettling and disturbing feeling of being left behind by their classmates in Reading quite early on, which can lead to a loss of confidence. This often results in a loss of motivation to read, and the completion of what can be a vicious cycle that makes learning to read difficult. If one does not enjoy reading,

it’s rather hard to learn! The Learning Path has seen students begin to have such an experience as early as Kindergarten, which is why we start tutoring students in Reading from as young as three.

Our aim is to make the experience fun, and to give students confidence in their Reading abilities and their learning potential. Nothing will empower your child’s ability to succeed in life more than a strong foundation in Reading and Writing.

Reading Empowers your Child

Reading well is the foundation for self-empowerment and independence. Those of us who can pick up a “How-to” book or quickly research what they need to know on the Internet have a huge advantage over those who cannot. We want our children to acquire the ability to learn independently. The Learning Path will tutor your child in Reading so that they have these abilities.

Reading can also be incredibly enjoyable. Before video games and other media distract your child completely, you should ensure that they experience the joy of reading a good book. Enjoying books from an early age is more likely to foster a lifetime of reading for enjoyment.

Enable your Child to Demonstrate their Intelligence

How intelligent do you want your child to appear to others? Most parents would answer “very.” What is the quickest and simplest way that people use to judge someone’s intelligence? It is often their vocabulary. How does one acquire a good vocabulary? The best and easiest way is to read a lot. The foundation for a good vocabulary starts early.

The Learning Path provides individualized tutoring in Reading that are designed around the specific needs of your child. We can start anywhere in the process, at any age. Unlike school, where your child will be held to the group lesson plan for the class, we design a special lesson plan for them that we constantly adjust. The Learning Path has the luxury of backtracking for those students who have fallen behind, or zooming ahead for those students who need an extra challenge. If your child is having a really easy time at school, it might be a result of their teacher not preparing them for the grade ahead. We can provide you with an objective and independent assessment of where they actually stand. It may be that they are well ahead, or it may be that they are not receiving the education they should be. The Learning Path will help you make an objective decision based on facts.

Fulfill your Child’s Potential

Many young and/or multi-lingual students, often find themselves a little behind. The Learning Path believes in learning more than one language at a young age. Nonetheless your child’s school may not be able to accommodate the natural result of your child being slightly behind in their English Reading as a result. The Learning Path is able to back up to a safe place in their Reading, provide tutoring that is individualized to them, restore their confidence, rebuild their joy of reading, and gradually excel them up to (and beyond) grade level.

Once students have mastered the fundamentals in Phonics, Phonological Awareness, and their sight words, The Learning Path moves on to Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension mapped to the Common Core standards. The Common Core embraces two types of Reading Comprehension: 1) Literature, and 2) Informational Text. The latter is a new element for California students, and we often find students are slightly behind here. Regardless of where your child’s Reading abilities are at, The Learning Path can tutor them to master Reading, and thereby fulfill more of their potential in Life.