The Learning Path is proud to support Teachers and Veterans, and will happily provide a 10% discount for the child of any Teacher or Veteran.

The Learning Path believes that a strong public school system is a keystone to a prosperous and successful democratic society. To fulfill our society’s potential, our children need the skills to intelligently and independently analyze our options. Without a good basis in Math, Reading, and Writing, it is very hard for citizens to engage in an intelligent democracy, one that goes beyond basic dichotomies.

In this vein The Learning Path proudly supports local schools, both public and private, in their efforts to raise money for their programs. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any requests along these lines.

Dr. Andrew Mitchell, the founder of The Learning Path, personally founded the Education Committee of the Venice Chamber of Commerce. The goal of this Committee is to establish better networks and communications between local educators and entrepreneurs. Under his leadership the Education Committee created the WAVE Awards to honor local teachers, and the annual January mixer to foster networks between educators and entrepreneurs. The groundwork that he laid has been successfully carried forward by others, and the Education Committee continues to thrive.