More than Traditional Tutoring – One on One Tutoring with an Expert Diagnosis

What if your child is in middle school or high school, has a very minimal amount of extra time, and simply needs to catch up as quickly as possible? Our Traditional Tutoring program may be the answer you are looking for during the school year. In summer, the Summer Intensive program would be an excellent option.

Starting from Grade 7, we offer parents the ability to hire our experts to work with their children on a one on one basis in a semi-private setting at our Santa Monica center. Instead of employing a traditional tutor who comes to your home, send your child to The Learning Path where they will receive expert diagnostics and mapping of their knowledge before they begin. A traditional tutor lacks access to these tools, and is often unfamiliar with the Common Core. At The Learning Path, we don’t want to waste the time you are paying us to tutor figuring out what your child does and does not know.

Instead of hiring a tutor for 10-20 hours to figure your child out (an investment of up to $1,000 or more), come to The Learning Path where we will perform diagnostic testing before they start to know exactly where they are struggling. Our testing is free of charge if you purchase a package of 10 hours ($500) of tutoring, and costs only $50 per test if you do not.

Once you begin tutoring with us, you’ll discover that our tutors are unusually well experienced, and have all been top students themselves. They have the skills and abilities to push your child ahead and catch them up, and are backed by our top of the line diagnostic testing to measure how well their tutoring is working.

Our semi-private setting within our Santa Monica center also creates an ideal environment for your child to work within. Not only does the tutor have access to a wide range of resources there, but your child will not be within a home environment where their mental state is more geared towards activities other than study. There are no distractions. We offer a clean, safe, quiet, supportive, and focused environment for your child to work in.

In the One on One Tutoring program, you can tell us what you need, or we can tell you what we see is needed based on our diagnostics. We can work on a range of activities, from creating special lesson plans for your child, to working with them on their school homework, to preparing for an upcoming exam, and everything in between.

Extra Homework?

It’s up to you. Many High School students will simply not have time for extra work. Nonetheless, please let us know if you’d like your child to have extra homework from us, and in what form you’d like it. The Learning Path has the expertise to diagnose what they need to work on. Many older students choose to have homework from us on the computer. Computer based homework from The Learning Path has many benefits. It provides immediate feedback to the student, requires no grading by the parents, and is immediately reported back to The Learning Path. Alternatively we can provide paper based homework. Let us know your needs and we will advise you how best to fulfill them.

Topics Covered

We cover all topics through to the end of high school, including SAT/ACT and College preparation. Please let us know what you need and we will match your needs with one of our tutors. For instance we have expertise in Math, English/Language Arts, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Genetics), AP US History, AP Literature, AP Calculus, Social and Behavioral Sciences (Anthropology, Sociology, Psychology), SAT/ACT and College Preparation, etc.. We will match your needs to our best tutor in the topic desired.


We offer private tutoring in our centers starting at $50 per hour if you buy 10 hours for $500, or $60 per hour if you’d like to book the odd hour or two.


As this is private tutoring, we can arrange a schedule to suit you.


This service is only available at our Santa Monica center, as we have an extra classroom there to accommodate a private and focused setting.